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Lockheed Martin (NYSE:LMT) is one of the world’s leading aerospace and defense players. Over the years the company has been offering attractive returns to investors. Having acquired Sikorsky last year, Lockheed Martin gained scale and unleashed new growth opportunities. Together with anticipated expansion of its F-35 program, the company’s prospects are optimistic. Below I will elaborate....More>>>

Top Growth Stocks To Buy Right Now

It’s incredibly easy to lose the context of earnings amid a hectic season — especially this week, which is filled with numerous earnings conference calls — and simply glance at the headlines and big-number figures. That’s a mistake that investors should be wary of making, especially in the case of Ford Motor Company (NYSE:F), which is about to face a brutal year-over-year....More>>>

Alexandria Minerals’ Neighbor Just Got Scooped Up for $590 Million

I’ve been renovating my house for far too long now, and when I bumped into my neighbor the other morning I apologized for the incessant and seemingly endless noise from construction. “Not to worry” he jovially exclaimed. “You’re increasing the value of all our houses!” Ahh… the beauty of nice neighbors. Such is the case with Toronto, Ontario....More>>>

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A Dutch election next week, a presidential vote in France in April and a potential summer snap election in Italy: The next few months could be decisive for the eurozones existence and investors are beginning to once again brace for the worsta breakup of the currency union.

Looking at credit default swaps, data suggest traders have started to buy insurance against a so-called credit event,....More>>>

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If you ever wondered how your income and assets are counted against you when your child applies for college aid, and if there is anything you can do to maximize your aid eligibility — wonder no more. Updated for 2017, this comprehensive guide to college financial  aid includes new tips and insights to help you estimate how much your family will be expected to contribute toward the cost....More>>>