Can I invest in an HSA?

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Q: My accountant has advised me to look into health savings accounts, or HSAs. I have spoken to two financial advisers and looked on the U.S. government website and still have no information that is helpful. I am in my early 70s and my wife is in her late 60s. We are both on Medicare with Part D with no other health insurance coverage except long-term care insurance policies. We both have self-employment income for 2017, but I will stop working in 2018. My wife may continue to consult in 2018 but this is uncertain. I have started taking my RMD and Social Security. My wife filed and is receiving half of my Social Security payment.

We are in good health but do have existing conditions that require doctor visits and medications all with copays and additional expenses such as dentist visits, eye doctor, glasses and pending cataract surgery.

Are we eligible to open an MSA or an HSA or both? If so,

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