Free Comic Book Day 2018: 7 Things to Know

Tomorrow, Saturday, May 5 is Free Comic Book Day.

Free Comic Book×40.jpg 53w,×30.jpg 40w,×188.jpg 250w,×150.jpg 200w,×120.jpg 160w,×49.jpg 65w,×75.jpg 100w,×113.jpg 150w,×80.jpg 107w,×125.jpg 167w,×50.jpg 67w,×59.jpg 78w, 480w” sizes=”(max-width: 300px) 100vw,300px” />Here are seven things to know about it:

During Free Comic Book Day, local stores will offer a free comic to everyone who shows up, although there may be limits to the comics you can choose from. Joe Field of Flying Colors Comics first launched the day in 2002, which has grown exponentially since then. Free Comic Book Day often attracts new customers, who may not have been into comics beforehand. Many comic book publishers take advantage of the day to plan many of their big launches around it, while stores use it as a day to sell more comics, rivaling even the holiday shopping season. The day is also designed to help shatter some of the perceptions that many have of comics from shows such as The Big Bang Theory, as many currently see comics as being a caricature you see in your grandparents’ basement or a flea market. However, Free Comic Book Day is more about paving the way for new customers to check out comics in a welcoming environment for all potential readers. The day has grown in popularity thanks to the recent rise of comic book-inspired films over the last decade, which has seen DC Comics and Marvel make a slate of movies such as the Avengers film series and Batman.
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