Harvard Endowment Goes All-In on Apple, Microsoft and Google

Harvard is betting big on a rally in tech megacaps.

The university’s endowment took on new stakes in Apple Inc., Microsoft Corp. and Google’s parent Alphabet Inc. in the first quarter, and they now account for more than two-thirds of the publicly traded American securities in its portfolio, according to a regulatory filing this week.

Going Big on Tech

Harvard buys new stakes in Apple, Microsoft and Alphabet, filing shows

Source: Bloomberg

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Harvard Management Co. bought 1.69 million of Apple shares, 1.85 million shares of Microsoft and 129,000 of Alphabet’s, the 13F filing shows. It didn’t hold these companies previously.

Together, the three companies account for about 72 percent of the $816.8 million worth of publicly traded securities listed in the filing. Harvard’s total endowment is $37.1 billion.

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