How My No. 1 Pot Stock Gained 45.8% In 2 Months…

I knew this might happen…

Sometimes you find a company you’re absolutely in love with…

You’ve done your research, bought at a good price, you’re already up big, and then…


That company gets acquired by a larger player in the space.

That’s exactly what happened last week, when Aurora Cannabis (OTC: ACBFF), a major Canadian marijuana producer, said it was acquiring MedReleaf (OTC: MEDFF), my #1 pot stock recommendation, for $2.5 billion.

I recommended this stock in the inaugural issue of Fast-Track Millionaire in early March. Since I do have some experience in this space, I was extraordinarily confident in the company and its market position.

Here’s what I told my readers about MedReleaf:

The company to buy with this is mind is MedReLeaf Corp., a $1.6 billion enterprise based in Canada. Its shares are primarily listed on the Toronto exchange (TSE: LEAF), but you can pick them up over-the-counter as well under the ticker MEDFF. Either will do.

MedReLeaf is Canada’s top grower. As Canada embraces legalization, this company is in the catbird seat. The company holds 17% of the country’s licenses, which means it controls about a fifth of the market right out of the gate. It is a large operator that benefits, like any agricultural producer, from massive scale.

A Colorado grower who minds her p’s and q’s can get costs down to about $3.20 per gram of bud. MedReLeaf has managed these costs to an average of $1.83. The kicker is you can make money at $3.20. At $1.83, you’re achieved the fattest margin available that I’ve seen sustained. And that’s not bad when you’re selling flower for $8.98 and extracts for $11.83 a gram, which LEAF is.

MedReLeaf’s ‘Grow’ Cost

Source: MedReLeaf

Here again we need only apply the lessons from the first few weeks of undergraduate business school: What MedReLeaf has done is to integrate its operations vertically so as to reduce cost (or harvest margin) at four stages: Cultivation, harvest, extraction and retail distribution. (I can’t do that with wheat without a still and a bottle-filling production line.) Very few operators have the financial resources, scale, managerial acumen, intellectual property and retail channel to leverage this quadruple vertical.

Intellectual property is the key. Why? Because sooner or later all successful producers will have access to available best practices and achieve a comparable cost structure. That’s commoditization. It means thin margins and hard work, and that’s why I always bet on the value-add of technology. In this case, MedReLeaf scores so resoundingly high that I would recommend the shares even if it’s technology was all there was. In this case, the crucial technology is a diagnostic test based on one’s individual genetic code that identifies which MedReLeaf strain will have the greatest medical efficacy.

They draw a sample of blood, run your genome and select the cannabis that is best for you.

Holy cow, right?

It gets better.

How? Just look at the books. LEAF’s top line looks like early Facebook it is growing like, well, a weed. In 2014, the company had zilch for revenue. In 2015, it booked $3 million, which rose to $19.3 million the next year. Thereafter it doubled again, to $40.3 million.

With all this in mind, I told my followers to hold on tight — because this thing was gonna be a major winner.

That fortitude paid off, giving us a 45.8% gain in about two months.

45.8% Ain’t Bad, But We’re Going To Do Even Better…
Now don’t get me wrong, that kind of gain in such a short time is great — but it could have been so, so much better. I was looking forward to riding MedReleaf to a quadruple-digit gain.

You see, at Fast-Track Millionaire, our goal is to identify the companies on the cutting edge — the ones that could gain 500%, 1,000%, or more — well ahead of when the “crowd” catches on.

Apparently, the folks at Aurora saw the same thing I did with MedReleaf.

While a 45.8% gain is great, make no mistake — we’re going to keep paying attention to the marijuana business very closely in the coming weeks. That’s because big things are happening — and some very clever investors are going to make a LOT of money in this business.

For example, another major Canadian cannabis company has applied to list their shares on the New York Stock Exchange. This is HUGE news. In fact, when the history books are written, this could well be the lever that finally pushes our country into revisiting its federal drug laws.

Mark my words: One day your kids will buy cannabis stocks for reliable dividends the way our generation used to (and still does) buy tobacco stocks.

I’ll get into all of this in my next issue of Fast-Track Millionaire. It is fascinating and, as you can see, lucrative.

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