Nafta Deadline, Markets Threaten Growth, BOE Outlook: Eco Day

Good morning Americas. Here’s news from Bloomberg Economics to help get your Thursday started:

House Speaker Paul Ryan warned a new Nafta deal had to be completed by Thursday, but Donald Trump’s trade chief told lawmakers he expects that deadline will not be metFinancial markets at risk of becoming the tail that wags the dog of the global economy, as investor concerns throw up roadblocks to the world’s expansionLower-than-expected U.K. growth this year won’t stop the Bank of England from at least one interest-rate increase, according to a Bloomberg survey of economistsIndeed, one former official says she would have been voting for a hike since the start of 2018Meanwhile, Raghuram Rajan, who previously led the Reserve Bank of India, said he doesn’t intend to apply to replace Mark Carney as BOE governor next yearIn other job vacancy news, ECB chief economist Peter Praet is due to depart in May 2019, meaning Mario Draghi’s successor as president may find the most important personnel decision is taken months before they startFinally, Chimerica is coming apart, as U.S. tariff talks strengthens China’s resolve to go it alone

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