PACIFIC for April 18: Advice from Elon Musk

What’s Next: Rethinking the A.I. conversation: My conversations with artificial intelligence experts over the six weeks since PACIFIC launched have taught me something: Radical, irreversible change is coming to every facet of our lives, but it’s not coming nearly as fast as A.I.’s most ardent evangelists would have you believe. When a bright-eyed entrepreneur tells you we’re 2 years away from X, it’s a safe bet we’re at least 5 years away from X.

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New today from the McKinsey Global Institute:

“Artificial intelligence is attracting growing amounts of corporate investment … So far, however, only about 20 percent of AI-aware companies are currently using one or more of its technologies in a core business process or at scale.”

“For all their promise, AI technologies have plenty of limitations that will need to be overcome … [including] onerous data requirements … [and] the difficulty of obtaining data sets that are sufficiently large and comprehensive …”

“In some areas … the cost and complexity of deploying A.I. may simply not be worthwhile, given the value that could be generated.”

“Societal concerns and regulations can also constrain AI use. Regulatory constraints are especially prevalent in use cases related to personally identifiable information.”

I don’t begrudge visionaries their visions. I just begrudge them their timelines.

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