Best Blue Chip Stocks To Own Right Now

Periodically we update you on our latest best stocks to buy now – stocks our experts have named good buys. This edition brings you five picks that have an established track record and also give you access to the most exciting new trends of the future. So they can provide profits for years – even generations – to come.

First, a company that started with a broken saw....More>>>

Heres where (and where not) to retire

Florida is ranked the best state to retire, unsurprisingly, but Colorado is second, and South Dakota is third, according to a recent study.

Most of the places on the top 10 list of best states to retire were in the Midwest and West, such as Iowa and Idaho. The worst were primarily in the South and Northeast, such as Kentucky (ranked the worst), followed by New Jersey, Rhode Island and Mississippi.....More>>>

The Dogs of the Dow: Investing Made Easy

January is the time of year when gurus offer their forecasts for the year ahead. Its also when they encourage you to examine your investing strategies, and time after time, the Dogs of the Dow makes headlines. Well get into the details in a moment, but in short, the appeal is simplicity just a few simple rules and no further action until next January. Set it and forget it.


Refinancing Student Loans Gets Mixed Report

More than 45 million Americans have borrowed $1.45 trillion in student loans to help pay for their post-secondary educations. Repaying those loans can be tough, especially if the loan amount is high and pay for the first job after graduation is low.

One option for recent graduates might be refinancing their student loans. This works much the same was a home mortgage, but there is no collateral....More>>>

A bloodbath for bonds? Heres the tipping point to look out for

First Japan, and now China, is getting markets notably the bond world stirred up.

Bonds are the topic du jour, especially after the Bank of Japan got everyone a bit worked up yesterday by trimming its government bond purchases. Then this morning, Bloomberg reported China is considering cutting back on its U.S. Treasury holdings.

Timing is everything. That news has been tanking stock....More>>>