Is the worst finally over for Snapchat?

Stop me if you’ve heard this before. Snapchat is going to be destroyed by Mark Zuckerberg.

Every time Snapchat does something cool, Facebook (FB, Tech30) and Instagram just copy it, get more users from the me-too product and attract more money from advertisers as well.

Competition from the world’s biggest social network is a big reason why Snapchat parent Snap Inc.....More>>>

Apple (AAPL): A Value That Goes Beyond iPhones

Apple Inc. (AAPL, $169.01) shares have gained 45% in 2017 and sit just below all-time highs, yet Apples stock still looks like a bargain buy for both the short and long haul. The iPhone maker is back on track, has more cash than ever and boasts a solid albeit short record of raising its dividend.

Most importantly, consumers have taken to the latest iteration of the iPhone, which....More>>>

Top 10 Canadian Stocks To Invest In Right Now

Canada is set to legalize marijuana in 2018, an event that could lead to marijuana sales skyrocketing by 400%. And this Canadian marijuana stock is primed to grow alongside those soaring sales…

Thankfully for American investors, there’s a way to get in on the profits.

Today, we wanted to make sure Money Morning readers knew all about the Canadian marijuana legalization....More>>>

stock market history


My back hairs go up when I see an unregulated financial vehicle that few really understand. When it comes to cryptocurrencies, I have a lot of concerns.

Although I understand the concept behind Bitcoin-like currencies, there’s always an issue with how something involving money is regulated. With public companies, for example, you know exactly how many shares are....More>>>

Top 5 Undervalued Stocks To Own For 2018

“Mors tua, vita mea” (literally “your death is my life) probably was the motto that gladiators, in the ancient Rome, recited before entering in the Coliseum and fighting for their life. Over and above its literal translation, this Latin expression means that what is a damage for one person is often an advantage for another. There can only be one winner in a competition; that is....More>>>