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Kaiser Aluminum (NASDAQ:KALU) has everything I like to see in a company. I believe the company has opportunity to continue growing and perhaps experience multiple expansion. I like how much cash they return to shareholders. I like how little debt they have. They may not be the most exciting company, but, I believe Kaiser Aluminum to be an excellent addition to one’s portfolio.


Top 5 Tech Stocks To Watch Right Now


Theranos Chairman, CEO and Founder Elizabeth Holmes (L) and TechCrunch Writer and Moderator Jonathan Shieber .(Photo by Steve Jennings/Getty Images for TechCrunch)

Theranos enjoyed a meteoric rise and an epic fall. Much has been written about the $700 million investment in the company and its highest valuation of $9 billion. Today, most of the value of the company has evaporated....More>>>

stock market today

CNBCs Mad Money features flashing lights, beeping horns and Jim Cramer, the screaming, fast-talking, always-in-motion host, who always has a strong opinion on which stocks you should buy and which you should sell. Right now!

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Its hard to look away from Cramer; he is terrific fun to watch. No wonder Money Monster, a movie that....More>>>

Hot Gold Stocks To Own Right Now

Yesterday we talked about the disconnect between the daily drama from the media in Washington (doom and gloom), and what the markets have been communicating (an economic expansion is underway). Today, you might think that connection is happening—the doom and gloom scenario is finally being realized in markets. Probably not.

For perspective: As of the close yesterday, the Nasdaq was....More>>>