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The World’s Most Valuable Brands Trading At Below-Market Valuations

Warren Buffett famously made billions of dollars investing in Coca-Cola (NYSE:KO) because he recognized the intangible value of its brand. Coke’s brand not only drew customers and enticed them to pay premium prices over generic brands for what is mostly flavored sugar-water but the brand also acts as a “moat” around the company, as it would be extremely difficult for a....More>>>

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On Wednesday, our Under the Radar Moversnewsletter suggested small cap educational children’s books stock Educational Development Corporation (NASDAQ: EDUC) as a short/bearish trade:

As for Educational Development, it too has dished out several key moving average crosses within the past few days… but not bullish ones – bearish ones. And, though its choppiness has become....More>>>

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A Dutch election next week, a presidential vote in France in April and a potential summer snap election in Italy: The next few months could be decisive for the eurozones existence and investors are beginning to once again brace for the worsta breakup of the currency union.

Looking at credit default swaps, data suggest traders have started to buy insurance against a so-called credit event,....More>>>

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Apple Inc. stock is up 18% in the year-to-date. Bullish investor sentiment and a potential iPhone supercycle could lift AAPL stock even higher.

Cupertino, California-based Apple (NASDAQ:AAPL) has recently been in the news, mostly for the right reasons. Barring the chatter regarding its appeal against the European Union’s $14B tax charge, Apple is enjoying a lot of positive....More>>>

DuPont, McDonald’s Push DJIA Higher Wednesday

May 24, 2017: Markets opened higher again Wednesday and while equities have stayed in the green all day, they have not strayed for from the break-even line. The energy and telecom sectors traded in the red while materials and real estate were the best performing sector. WTI crude oil for July delivery settled at $51.36 a barrel, down 0.2%. June gold also dipped 0.2% for the day to settle....More>>>