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Best Penny Stocks For 2018

With the markets trading near historic levels at the start of 2017, investors are looking for the best investments when the market is high.

The Dow Jones Industrial Average was just 13 points shy of 20,000 last week and climbed more than 13% overall in 2016. These gains have been largely fueled by the “Trump effect,” a positive economic outlook, and the December rate hike....More>>>

Top 5 Penny Stocks To Own Right Now

Why do you trade?

It is important to understand the true drivers behind why you trade the markets. The answer is different for everyone. We all have different circumstances, wants, wishes and desires.

Find yours.

Below are common reasons people get involved:

Entertainment Gambling Staying informed about economic and political developments Intellectual pursuit and....More>>>

Top 5 Oil Stocks To Watch Right Now

U.S. equities mostly finished lower on Monday as volatility continues to ramp up, led by deepening weakness in big-cap tech stocks. Known as the “FAANGs,” these were the stocks that have captivated the attention of investors in recent months for their seemingly relentless upward momentum.

But after some disappointing results/guidance from Amazon.com, Inc. (NASDAQ:AMZN) and....More>>>

Top 10 Energy Stocks To Watch For 2018

Right now I’m on a Metro North train heading the NYC. I’ve been invited to sit on an advisory council at the UN on building a sustainable energy future.

I’ll let you know how the meeting goes, after I take a fewselfiesto immortalize the experience in case I’m not invited back.

Why might I not? Because I can either be a good boy, hold my tongue, and get to....More>>>

Top Oil Stocks To Watch For 2018

U.S. equities climbed again on Wednesday as the Federal Reserve raised interest rates and penciled in another three quarter-point hikes for 2018. Policymakers pointed to an expected pickup in GDP growth, ongoing strength in the labor market and the specter of a big fiscal policy push from the GOP’s tax cut legislation as rationales for their action.

In her post-meeting press conference,....More>>>