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Best High Tech Stocks To Own For 2018

It's one of the funniest phrases in the markets…   No matter how many times it's proven false, people will always believe…   This time is different.   Our psychology leads us to believe that our opinions are special, that the assets we've chosen to buy are special, and that this moment in time is special.   We often believe that this time we will beat....More>>>

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Why Do the Pundits Hate Annuity Commissions?

Senate prepares to vote on skinny ACA change proposal

Vice President Breaks Health Bill Debate Tie

U.S. Treasury Secretary Steven Mnuchin ruled out prioritizing U.S. debt payments if Congress fails to raise the borrowing limit and repeated his call for quick action by lawmakers.

“I have no intent on prioritizing”....More>>>

Top 5 Undervalued Stocks To Own For 2018

“Mors tua, vita mea” (literally “your death is my life) probably was the motto that gladiators, in the ancient Rome, recited before entering in the Coliseum and fighting for their life. Over and above its literal translation, this Latin expression means that what is a damage for one person is often an advantage for another. There can only be one winner in a competition; that is....More>>>

Top 5 Warren Buffett Stocks To Invest In 2018

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Warren Buffett doesn’t just beat the market – he makes a mockery of it. Since Buffett took control of Berkshire Hathaway back in the middle of 1965, the conglomerate has more than doubled the average annual gain of the S&P 500.

But here’s something you won’t hear anywhere else – Buffett doesn’t love all of his....More>>>

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Despite a big rally, Under Armour (NYSE:UA)(NYSE:UAA) is back below key support. The recent corporate action has done very little to change the business climate that is impacting the stock.

Now the investment question is probably more perplexing than the last research opinion. In fact, the recent shift in stock tickers likely confused the general investment community at a time when tax-loss....More>>>