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Hot Gold Stocks To Own Right Now

Yesterday we talked about the disconnect between the daily drama from the media in Washington (doom and gloom), and what the markets have been communicating (an economic expansion is underway). Today, you might think that connection is happening—the doom and gloom scenario is finally being realized in markets. Probably not.

For perspective: As of the close yesterday, the Nasdaq was....More>>>

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The death of newspapers by a thousand cuts continues.

CVS Pharmacy has “significantly” reduced its spending on circulars, company spokesperson Erin Pensa told CNNMoney.

Pensa said CVS (CVS) isn’t completely doing away with circulars, but the company plans to focus more on digital advertising.

“[We’re] moving to where our customers are and....More>>>

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Our Top Pick for growth-oriented investors is a global leader in the animal health market, suggests Brian Lazorishak, senior portfolio manager at Stack Financial Management and contributor to InvesTech Market Analyst.

Zoetis (ZTS) was created as a spin-off of the animal health division of Pfizer (PFE) in 2013.

The company is diversified by product line with roughly 60% of revenues....More>>>

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On Wednesday, our Elite Opportunity Pronewsletter suggested going long on the leveraged ProShares Ultra Bloomberg Crude Oil (NYSEARCA: UCO) ETF:

Oil, on the other hand, could be in the process of bottoming out for a good while. It’s a risky proposition, but one worth considering, especially since UCO, the primary bullish leveraged ETF tracking the price of oil, can offer up some pretty....More>>>

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I think I might have gone too far…   Recently, I've been writing about a "secret war" in Washington, D.C. And I've been describing a very high-level source, without naming him. I'm even broadcasting a meeting with this mysterious "Metropolitan Man."   And you don't even know who he is yet.   I can understand how this probably sounds: Self-serving.....More>>>