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Chinese solar stocks are trading at going-out-of-business valuations, even though the sector has a host of extremely powerful, long-term catalysts. Specifically, China, India and much of the rest of the developing world are set to expand their use of solar energy at breakneck speeds over the next five years. Indeed, solar is poised to become cheaper than any other major method of electricity generation.


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Focus Financial Partners says RIA Lake Street Advisors of Boston and Portsmouth, New Hampshire, joined the Focus partnership on April 1.

According to Focus, Lake Street’s two co-founding partners,....More>>>

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Quality tools can last you a lifetime…   Even a basic set may be enough for you to do the job well, day in and day out. But you'll have limitations…   A master craftsman can tell you that certain jobs require specialized tools. Having these tools at the right times – and knowing how to use them – can prove extremely valuable.   Trading is no different…....More>>>

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Warren Buffett aims to hold stocks forever. Were a bit less patient. But we like playing the long game: picking a few solid companies, sticking with them through tough times and hanging on for years, even a decade or more. Investing for the long haul can smooth out the risks of buying individual stocks, which may tumble or stay depressed for ages before taking off. A companys innovations may also....More>>>

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Everyone knew Tesla (TSLA) was going to need to raise money to continue funding its growth. So it wasn’t a surprise yesterday when Tesla announced plans to issue more stock and convertible bonds. What was a surprise was how they did it, and that goes a long way towards explaining why it’s shares are trading higher today.

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For starters, the....More>>>