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Top Clean Energy Stocks To Own Right Now

Here we go again.

Blue Cross and Blue Shield of Kansas City is the latest insurer to announce it is withdrawing from Obamacare next year, citing big losses and uncertainty. The move would leave nearly 19,000 residents in Western Missouri without a coverage option unless another carrier steps in.

The company has roughly 67,000 policyholders in the 32 counties it services in Missouri....More>>>

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Pop icon and venerable actor William Shatner is known as much for Star Trek character Captain Kirk as he is for being the face of PriceLine.com. Despite having been vaporized in Star Trek and retired by PriceLine, Shatner continues to attract huge brand recognition, and companies that utilize his resonant voice and congenial character often see tremendous customer growth.


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Applied Materials (NASDAQ:AMAT) made investors very happy last year as the company’s stock price rose more than 74%. And that growth has continued into this year, with Applied Materials up more than 10% since the beginning of 2017.

The stock price spikes were caused by the company’s record-high revenues, optimism from software sales, and the company’s ability to grow its....More>>>

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Why Do the Pundits Hate Annuity Commissions?

Senate prepares to vote on skinny ACA change proposal

Vice President Breaks Health Bill Debate Tie

Senate Democratic Leader Chuck Schumer said Wednesday that Democrats will stop trying to amend the Republicans’ Affordable Care Act change proposal, because it’s still not clear what the proposal actually is.


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Debris is seen after Hurricane Harvey hit Rockport, Texas, U.S., on Saturday, Aug. 26, 2017. Photographer: Alex Scott/Bloomberg

The Internal Revenue Service (IRS) has announced significant tax relief for victims of Hurricane Harvey. Those in Texas who have been affected by the storm have until January 31, 2018, to file certain individual and business tax returns and make certain tax payments.....More>>>