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Top High Tech Stocks To Invest In 2017

Quality tools can last you a lifetime…   Even a basic set may be enough for you to do the job well, day in and day out. But you'll have limitations…   A master craftsman can tell you that certain jobs require specialized tools. Having these tools at the right times – and knowing how to use them – can prove extremely valuable.   Trading is no different…....More>>>

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Even with interest rates edging up lately, it still isnt easy to pocket much income from traditional stocks and bonds. But you may be overlooking preferred stocks, hybrid investments that offer a bit of both worlds.

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For income seekers, preferreds offer great deals. Yields average 6.1%, well above the 2.3% payout of the Barclays....More>>>

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Oscar and Emmy ratings continue trending downward, with the former having just recorded its second-smallest audience. While there’s no simple solution, a key recurring challenge is that the nominees have run into a niche.

“Moonlight” was certainly a deserving best picture winner Sunday night. But it had also posted the lowest box-office total (about $22 million) among....More>>>