Top Undervalued Stocks To Own Right Now


This is a refresh of our analysis on High Liner Foods (OTC:HLNFF), which was originally published in August 2017 (link). Our original thesis stated that the then-current stock price represented a buying opportunity for an undervalued dividend stock. With the release of the firm’s fiscal 2017 results, we maintain our buy rating on the stock, with some minor concerns related to plant efficiencies and US tax reform.

Note: All figures in US dollars unless indicated.

Company Overview

We will not reiterate the original company overview from August 2017; for a detailed description of the business, please refer to our previous article. However, to summarize the firm’s business:

Top Undervalued Stocks To Own Right Now: EQT GP Holdings, LP(EQGP)

Advisors’ Opinion:

  • [By Elizabeth Balboa]

    Not only does Jana consider the deal price overvalued, but it looks to redirect EQT’s focus to a breakup of pipeline operations to transform the core company into an exploration & production firm. The pipelines already trade publicly under EQT Midstream Partners LP (NYSE: EQM) and EQT GP Holdings LP (NYSE: EQGP).

Top Undervalued Stocks To Own Right Now: HubSpot, Inc.(HUBS)

Advisors’ Opinion:

  • [By Elizabeth Balboa]

    HubSpot Inc (NYSE: HUBS) plummeted nearly 3 percent Tuesday on a new short report by Citron Research, which forecasted a 34-percent near-term decline and a 67-percent long-term fade from $75 to $25.

  • [By Danny Vena]

    There’s another area being driven by AI that may surprise you. The next time you text your bank, cellphone service provider, or retailer, the agent you’re dealing with might be a chatbot. This form of conversational AI is being more widely adopted to perform simple customer service tasks. According to research conducted by marketing technology vendor HubSpot, Inc. (NYSE:HUBS), of 1,426 respondents worldwide, 74% had used voice search in the prior month, and 63% of people using services based on AI technology didn’t even know it.

  • [By Elizabeth Balboa]

    Semiconductors are selling off, and HubSpot Inc (NYSE: HUBS) even earned a Citron short report on its sudden fade.

    “This is rotation station we are in right now and tech is out of favor and value is back in favor,” Dick said.


    Cramer was bearish on Ferrellgas Partners (FGP) , Realty Income (O) , Synergy Pharmaceuticals (SGYP) , Avis Budget Group (CAR) and HubSpot (HUBS) .

Top Undervalued Stocks To Own Right Now: MiMedx Group, Inc(MDXG)

Advisors’ Opinion:

  • [By Peter Graham]

    Small cap regenerative biomaterial product and bioimplant stock MiMedx Group Inc (NASDAQ: MDXG) is thethirteenth most shorted stock on theNASDAQ with short interest of 40.54% according to MiMedx Group isa leading biopharmaceutical company developing and marketing regenerative and therapeutic biologics utilizing human placental tissue allografts with patent-protected processes for multiple sectors of healthcare. The Company processes the human placental tissue utilizing proprietary PURION庐 Process among other processes, to produce safe and effective allografts.MiMedx Group is the leading supplier of placental tissue, having supplied over 1,000,000 allografts to date for application in the Wound Care, Burn, Surgical, Orthopedic, Spine, Sports Medicine, Ophthalmic and Dental sectors of healthcare.

  • [By ]

    Some stocks are just too hard to take a position in, Cramer told viewers, as he dove into the stock of MiMedx (MDXG) , a small-cap biopharma that converts donated placental tissue into skin grafts that help in the recovery for a host of ailments.

  • [By Garrett Baldwin]

    The price of Bitcoin surged more than 17% to top $8,000 in a rapid move that surprised many investors this morning. The sudden rally appears to be the result of a short squeeze, according to CNBC contributor Brian Kelly. This means that investors who had been betting on a decline in the price of the world’s largest cryptocurrency had been forced to jump back and buy the currency again. A lot of people have been betting on a decline in the price of Bitcoin heading toward the April 17 tax deadline. The expectation is that many people will need to sell their Bitcoin in order to raise cash to meet tax obligations. Here’s our latest daily insight on why the Bitcoin bear market may end very soon.
    Markets gains have been capped by concerns about the latest news out of the Federal Reserve. On Wednesday, minutes from the Fed’s most recent meeting indicated that policy makers are prepared to raise interest rates several more times in the coming months in order to stave off concerns about inflation.
    Four Stocks to Watch Today: BLK, FB, DAL
    Shares of BlackRock Inc. (NYSE: BLK) are on the move after the company reported earnings before the bell. The firm reported earnings per share (EPS) of $6.70. Analysts projected the firm would report EPS of $6.45 on top of $3.28 billion in revenue. The firm topped revenue expectations. The firm noted that an increase in its consulting fees and the recent tax reform bill helped bolster its profitability by 27%.
    The stock of Facebook Inc. (Nasdaq: FB) has climbed more than 6% since Tuesday. Investors cheered the testimony of CEO Mark Zuckerberg, who appeared before Congress for two days to discuss his company’s privacy policies. The CEO and his firm have been under intense scrutiny since news broke that 87 million user accounts had been accessed without permission by consulting firm Cambridge Analytica during the 2016 election season. The firm had ties to President Trump’s campaign.
    Delta Air Lines Inc. (NYSE: DAL) reported ea

  • [By Paul Ausick]

    MiMedx Group Inc. (NASDAQ: MDXG) dropped nearly 23% Monday to post a new 52-week low of $6.05. Shares closed at $7.83 on Friday and the stock’s 52-week high is $18.25. Volume was over 22 million, about 10 times the daily average. The company postponed is quarterly report last week in order to conduct an accounting review and Bloomberg reported today that a U.S. Justice Department investigation is underway.

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