Walmart Dress Code to Get a Lot More Flexible

Walmart Inc (NYSE:WMT) announced that the company is changing the employee dress code to a more lenient one in an effort to create a more relaxed work atmosphere.

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The company announced that it is allowing blue jeans to be worn by workers at its stores for the first time ever. Walmart is testing new dress codes in a small number of U.S. stores with the hopes that this more relaxed environment will help to reel in and retain staff in an increasingly tighter labor market.

This means that workers will be allowed to wear shirts of any solid color, which marks a shift from its previous option of only having blue or white shirts, according to an employee manual obtained by Bloomberg News. As far as jeans go, only solid blue ones will be allowed, which is also a change from previously only allowing khaki-colored pants or black denim pants.

Walmart adds that visible facial tattoos will be forbidden for those hired after April 14, according to the manual. This is one of many moves the retailer is making in order to keep cashiers and shelf stockers satisfied as the company announced in February that it was boosting the starting hourly wage, while also adding bonuses to employees.

 The company also expanded its parental-leave policy and included an adoption benefit.

WMT stock fell a fraction of a percentage Thursday.

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